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Surface Lay TDC Segment 1 Safely Completed

We are happy to announce that the Tokelau Domestic Cable (TDC) landing of Segment 1 by marine cable ship, ILE DE RE, was safely completed last Wednesday, 23rd of March.

ILE DE RE is set to leave Nukunonu for the SXNext submarine cable system final splice on Segment 5 and will return on the 26th of March for the landing of TDC Segment 2 on March 26 before heading to Atafu and Fakaofo for segments 1 and 2 landing completion.

ILE DE RE and the marine landing team expect to complete all activities before mid of April 2022.

For appreciation, please refer to the definition of terms below:

TDC segment 1: Nukunonu to Fakaofo

TDC segment 2: Nukunonu to Atafu.

The SXNext cable system is a separate cable that lands on the central island of Nukunonu that TDC interconnects to for its international internet connectivity to the rest of the world.

Photo: ctto

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