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TELETOK, also known as Telecommunications Tokelau Corporation, is the local and only telecommunications company of Tokelau Island. TELETOK is a member of the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) and is also involved with other international organizations on internet developments.


This government-owned corporation provides fixed and wireless services to the three atolls of Tokelau; Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo.

Teletok operates one 4G LTE tower on each of the three, which has provided both VoLTE and data services over B28 (700 MHz) since activation in May 2017.


To deliver high quality telecommunications and ICT services on high broadband internet speed for a better digital Tokelau


To unlock modern digital communications across the nation and to the outside world

Case Study by Teletok

Listen to this audio cast to hear the story of Teletok digitization of their office processes, simplified conducting of their business flows securely using Uplora's cloud based digital platform.



Multicast: 2019
Documentation Digital Platform: 2019
New Residence in Fakaofo: 2019
NICT Policy 2016 - 2020: 2019
Fixed Network hardware Upgrade: 2019
Mobile 3G CSFB Network: 2019
New office buildings in Atafu and Nukunonu - 2018/2019 timeframe: 2019
Submarine cable landing infrastructures in Atafu and Nukunonu - 2018/2019 timeframe: 2019
3G CSFB Integration: 2018
4G LTE Roll-out: 2017
Solar Power Grid Upgrade: 2016
MSAN HiX 5625 Migration to MSAN Hix 5630: 2016
Upgrade of Fixed Line Numbering System from 4-digit to 5-digit: 2015


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Atafu: +690 22010

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Fakaofo: +690 23100

Nukunonu: +690 24100

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