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TELETOK releases Request for Proposal for FTTP

TELETOK is seeking proposals from qualified respondents to build a fibre optic network to connect approximately 441 premises in the three atolls: Fakaofo, Nukunonu, and Atafu. As the current domestic copper network represents a bottleneck for providing broadband services, the deployment of a new "fibre to the premise" (FTTP) network is of critical importance.

Respondents are asked to provide a proposal that describes their approach and cost estimate for building a turn-key FTTP network. TELETOK expects the selected respondent to operate as the general contractor who will be responsible for both network deployment and procurement of materials.

The tendering process schedule is summarised below:


Due Date

​Notification of "Intent to Respond"

​Jan. 24, 2022

Questions related to the RFP

Jan. 28, 2022

Response to questions

Feb. 11, 2022

Closing date

Feb. 28, 2022


March 14. 2022

Signing of the contract

March 28, 2022

Start network deployment

May 9, 2022

Completion of project

Aug. 8, 2022

Download the RFP below to learn more.

RFP TeletokTokelau FTTP Project
Download PDF • 770KB

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