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Journey of Digital Transformation

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A Case Study of How Teletok Beat COVID

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a rethinking of how organizations apply technology consistently with a fundamental thinking of how technology optimizes spend, liberates people, improves processes and perhaps open new revenue streams. “Transformation is not about buying and consuming point-solutions but having a broad strategy and defining business’s own journey with technology”.

Why is it a journey?

It is a journey because it is not a one time purchase but rethinking every business activity or flow and applying technology to modernize them by leveraging the new tools and processes. More specifically, in the current scenario, cloud based secure services including digital signing, digital contracts, digital transactions and everything in between.

Why do we need digital transformation now?

It is unfortunate we are ALL affected directly or indirectly by COVID. Since COVID hit, we know very well how retailers moved online, people transacted online and masses adopted remote tools like zoom to stay connected. Some businesses rushed to use ad hoc solutions to survive. Those who did not, ended up out of the map. While digital transformation started a few years ago, COVID accelerated it to start NOW if not already.

What is Teletok Digital Journey?

Teletok digital transformative journey started well before COVID was here, as early as in 2018. Teletok leadership made a very smart decision to hear the story of digital transformation with the advancement in cloud adoption and simplicity of doing business which in turn removes many problems and overheads managing own IT. So they actively engaged to build their business services with the Uplora team in the way that met exactly how Teletok wanted and not the way technology was forced upon. Teletok has transformed all paper based business activities to digital forms including financial and people services and this effort has liberated them of COVID pain. Teletok services are now running on the second generation Uplora platform since August 2021 and operating seamlessly. Teletok staff has also been trained on the new platform.

Teletok pledges to serve the needs of people of Tokelau and their customers at large with a lookout for further modernizing all existing services in a way that they can leverage advantages of technology in reducing their IT and operational overheads, getting cloud reliability and being a leading modern telecommunications enterprise. In doing so, they want to do their part in fighting climate change.


Please listen to the audio cast with Taitai, product manager at Teletok, covering the adoption of Uplora digital platform.

About Uplora

Uplora is a cloud native no-code platform helping businesses in their digital transformation journey. Uplora works with their clients from problem to concept to solution utilizing the secure digital platform. Platform also offers pre-built solutions and use cases via their Hub (aka app store). Please visit to learn more.

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